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Swiss innovation consultancy that has worked with clients including the World Health Organization, Vodafone, and Nestle.

The German Federal Agency for Disruptive Innovation, SPRIND, established in 2019, is the home for people with radical new ideas. SPRIND builds bridges between innovation and entrepreneurship and searches for ways to overcome the social, environmental and economic challenges of our time. Innovative ideas can only be unlocked to their full potential, if the environment is just right, and the right people – innovators – are behind them. To accomplish this mission, SPRIND creates spaces in which inspired ideas can evolve to become groundbreaking innovations. The business model for SPRIND focuses on partnering on individual projects to ensure the exact expertise required for guaranteed success, provide support relating to business, financial and legal matters, and enable added economic value, while keeping the sustainability of the business as a primary focus.

ONR Global

The U.S. Office of Naval Research Global (ONR Global) provides worldwide science & technology (S&T)-based solutions for current and future naval challenges. Leveraging the expertise of more than 50 scientists, technologists and engineers, ONR Global maintains a physical presence on five continents. The command reaches out to the broad global technical community and the operational fleet/force commands to foster cooperation in areas of mutual interest and to bring the full range of possibilities to the Navy and Marine Corps.

Shortly after ONR was founded in 1946, the command assumed the responsibility of the wartime-era’s Office of Scientific Research and Development liaison office in London. It aimed to identify promising research opportunities in Europe and the Middle East. By 1977, the ONR’s European and Tokyo offices had combined to form the international field office with a single, Department of the Navy-wide, international S&T strategy for fostering international collaboration. Over the decades, ONR Global has reached out to increase and expand its cooperative activities with offices in Singapore, Tokyo, Santiago, Prague, and most recently, Sao Paulo in 2014.


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