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and challenge
the limits of conventional

The inaugural Serendipity Collective™ is creating a platform to explore the potential for a future reimagined. We are not looking to solve the problems of today or tomorrow. Instead, we are building a platform that allows futuristic ideas, agnostic to an application, an opportunity to mature, envision, dream up, and not merely disrupt the status quo—but to transcend the limits of our imagination.

The most exotic, transformative, aspect of the Serendipity Collective™ is that your crazy ideas do not require a traditional business case, or even a concrete application. Instead, we are looking for blue sky thinking in the absolute extreme: “solutions” to problems that humanity has yet to acknowledge or understand. This platform gives visionaries the opportunity to present their wildest ideas in their purest form—and let serendipity take them to new heights. 

Join Our Tribe!

We are looking for individuals brave enough to look over the edge and into the unknown. An unknown where the constraints of the natural world (as we currently understand it!) might no longer hold true to form. An unknown where those limitations do not prevent us from developing truly disruptive solutions.  To get there, we want scientists and engineers to partner with artists and writers, emboldened by individuals from the humanities and social sciences, to challenge our limits of understanding… to challenge humanity to create a better world.  Do you have a visionary, transformative idea to share with the world? The Serendipity Collective™ is looking for “the next big thing”, and we have 50,000 USD grants available for up to five winning ideas.

Create your chapter

Want to do more? Create your local community and start the innovation process early by having access to courses, resources and community insights.

By creating local chapters, we aim to build a network of innovation communities that are deeply rooted in the Serendipity Collective philosophy. These chapters will serve as catalysts for change, providing the necessary resources, mentorship, and collaborative environment that local innovators need to succeed. More importantly, they will act as extensions of the broader Collective, ensuring that the challenge’s objectives are translated into actionable, localized projects.



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